14 thoughts on “Revealed: The new EE plan prices. Should you wait or sign up quick? (Updated 14 Oct 2016)

  1. http://i0.poll.fm/js/rating/rating.jsHi, do Ee enforce a speed cap? As I’m currently on a 20gb sim only plan so in theory should max at 60mbps. But Ive managed to hit 293mbps on Ee. But this was a few months back now getting between 100-200 mbps depending on the time of day.

  2. Jonathan, I wonder if you had any updates or could share your source on the 200Mbps speed cap you speak of?

    What I’m observing is a 150Mbps cap on specific masts , but no 200Mbps cap on my tariff (Super Sim retention tariff), or if there is, it’s very loosely enforced.

    The maximum speed I’ve ever achieved is around ~210-220Mbps which seems to slightly exceed a supposed 200Mbps cap, but not conclusively.

    Said transmitter site gave results of 140Mbps on band 7 and 80Mbps on band 3, and around 200-220Mbps with B3+B7 aggregated. That’s within margin of error of being limited by either available capacity (140 + 80) but could also be explained by a soft ~200Mbps cap.

    But on several other transmitters that could/should be delivering 280Mbps, there’s a site-specific 150Mbps limit: with 145Mbps on band 3 and 145Mbps on band 7, you’d expect B3+B7 to be more than 148Mbps, yet that’s what was happening consistently.

    Sadly yet to find a mast that’s both capable of >250Mbps and doesn’t have a 150Mbps cap to rule out a “soft” 200-cap on the tariff.

    1. I was told the speed cap had increased from 150 to 200Mbps by someone working at EE, but now it seems the bar has been lifted further, or removed entirely, to allow for the Cat 9 roll out. I’ve seen speed test results showing 250Mbps.

      I should update the text to show this.

  3. Not only have SIM only not been updated, the largest data bundle you can get is now 8GB! The 16GB/25GB options which were there have vanished.

    Also interesting is that the 4GEE Max plans don’t have the 12-month early upgrade option, which the previous EE Complete did.

    Things got worse!

    1. Appears that pay monthly is all that’s changing so far, so SIM only will change later. I don’t have a date, but clearly SIM only will have to come into line or it will get REALLY confusing for shop staff and online sales alike.

  4. I’m interested to see what EE do about roaming outside the EU too. For example, I usually visit South Africa once a year, EE charging £40 per 100mb is just crazy compared to paying £5/day to use my 20GB UK allowance on Vodafone (plus I can use that on 4G and tether too).

  5. Is it me, or do these prices seem high? Or am I just out of the loop?

    I’m currently with EE, about 18 months into a contract. I’m paying £38.50 for a 64Gb iPhone 6, and the deal gives me 4Gb of data monthly, unlimited minutes and texts. I bought it via Carphone Warehouse, and they threw in an extra that gave me calls and texts in the EU for nothing (EU roaming data is chargeable). Looking at these new plans, the 5Gb 4GEE Plan for £25.99 looks the closest to what I’m paying now; which means that I’ve been paying about £13 a month (the difference between £26 and £38.50, plus an annual increment) for the actual phone. That looks like I’ve been doing pretty well – unless I’m missing something obvious.


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