Consultancy & Freelance


Over the years, I have given advice on a range of subjects related to the mobile phone industry.

This has included working with major handset manufacturers on new handset designs, sharing my many years of insight in the mobile telecoms industry (both trade and consumer), and giving advice to new recruits at PR firms on what to expect when dealing with the likes of me and other journalists!

Having entered the industry back in the early 1990s, I hope I know a bit about the industry, from where it has been, to where it is now and likely to be in the future. It seems a shame to keep all of this knowledge just bottled up, so please do ask me to share it!

Please drop me an email if you want to discuss things further.

Freelance writing

I am  available for freelance writing, from news and features, to in-depth hardware reviews.

I can do my own photography (and in many cases video) and write content for a tech-savvy reader or total novice, with word counts that range from short and snappy bite-sized copy, to content  best read with a cup of tea and biscuits (the latter is more akin to what I write on my own site).

Please drop me an email if you want to discuss things further.


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