Reviews: Why no ratings?

For years I’ve wanted to ditch ratings as they generally serve very little purpose other than to spark arguments, especially when there’s no exact science on giving ratings – however many categories you try and create in order to break things up.

It becomes increasingly difficult to use ratings to rank one phone against another, primarily because what is impressive today becomes rather mundane tomorrow.

The other, more important, reason is that I rather hope people will read my reviews in full – or at least the summary, which gives a better overview.

A feature that might knock down a score could turn out to be something that is of no interest to some people, thus would have resulted in a better score had that not been a consideration. Likewise, a minor point that didn’t impact on the score greatly, could be a dealbreaker in some instances.

Only reading the full review can give the full picture, and it also means that my (hopefully) hard work is better appreciated.

Do please let me know your thoughts on this though.