Three confirms Honor 6 Plus pricing and May 1st release

Three has now confirmed pricing and availability of the brand new Honor 6 Plus smartphone, available exclusively on its network in the UK.

The handset goes on sale May 1st and will be available on 24-month contracts, as well as PAYG.

DSC07130The Honor 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch full HD display, dual 8-megapixel camera (for a combined 13-megapixel image), 3,600mAh battery, LTE Cat 6 support, plus an octo-core CPU with 3G of RAM. The phone also supports dual SIMs, or a single SIM with a memory card (supporting up to 200GB).

I’ve had a number of looks at this phone over the last month or so, so find out more about the handset here, along with more photos of it here, and camera samples here.

Live demo units will also be available in 360 stores throughout the UK.

Pricing table



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