I am happy to consider writing about any new product or service, but please note that I do not write or promote anything in return for money. I do not participate in any other suspect practices like link sharing.

Everything on this site is reviewed impartially, and I will not allow my copy to be ‘checked before publication’ or have changes made after publication, unless there’s an actual error that needs to be corrected.

Where products are given to me on a no-return basis, this will be stated clearly.

In addition to writing here, I frequently use social media to report on events and share opinions.

You’ll see me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, plus the odd photos on Instagram, or shared Google Photo galleries for my photography.

I will also from time to time Tweet about a product, such as an accessory, or a cool service that I’ve used, without necessarily writing an entire post about it. These are not in return for any payment, although if someone wants to pay me for a clearly marked ‘sponsored tweet’ then by all means pitch the idea to me.

I don’t have a million followers, but I do have followers who often state that they have bought products on my recommendation, as well as my posts on a wide range of forums around the world.

The only way to make money on this site is through a small number of unobtrusive ads, so I do ask people visiting my site to consider adding it to any ad blocker whitelist, and clicking on the occasional advert.

Please drop me an email if you want to submit a product, ask me to write about your service (either as a review, or just a factual comment), or attend an event where I will aim to Tweet or write about the key points raised.

The same address can be used for your press mailing list for releases relating to technology, from mobile to audio/video, gaming, virtual reality, wearables, accessories and gaming.


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