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I am happy to consider writing about any new product or service, but do not participate in practices like link sharing or publishing irrelevant guest posts that promote services like online gambling. This is to maintain the integrity of this site.

If you would like to discuss a sponsored post, which will be clearly marked as such, then I am willing to discuss terms. Everything on this site is reviewed impartially, and I will not allow my reviews to be ‘checked before publication’ or have changes made after publication, unless there’s an actual error that needs to be corrected.

Where products are given to me on a no-return basis, this will be stated clearly. No products are sold, so there is still no financial incentive to give positive reviews for products.

In addition to writing here, I frequently use social media to report on events (e.g. product launches) and share my opinions. You’ll see me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, photos on Instagram, or shared Google Photo galleries for my photography.

I will also from time to time Tweet about a product, such as an accessory, or a cool service that I’ve used, without necessarily writing an entire post or review about it.

I do not have the time to review every single product and service out there, but I am open to requests to mention a product – with the agreement that if I have not actually used the product, I will not write anything in such a way as to imply I have, and therefore risk misleading people that I am giving a recommendation on whether to buy it or not.

I don’t have a million followers, but my whole career has been about writing about products and services and giving my opinion based on years of experience in the mobile industry, from both trade and consumer perspectives. As such, I believe my reviews give people a good insight into the product(s) being talked about.

Many customers have thanked me for my reviews and how they helped with the buying decision, which includes my postings on various forums that I am also a member of.


Please drop me an email if you want to submit a product to review, or ask me to write about your service. I am also able to attend launch events or product showcases with sufficient notice.

The same address can be used for press mailing lists for releases relating to technology, from mobile to audio/video, gaming, virtual reality, wearables, accessories and gaming.

I have chosen not to publish my address here, but this can be given out on request by email above.

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