OnePlus 10 Pro gets its global launch on March 31st; company sends phone into stratosphere to mark the occasion

OnePlus’ new flagship handset will go on sale globally March 31st, and it promises to be out-of-this-world.

To mark the launch of the new phone outside of China, OnePlus sent their phone into the stratosphere to capture some amazing pictures of the horizon.

You can see some of them below, and watch the video to see how it was all done.

Press Release

London; March 24, 2022: OnePlus is launching its latest flagship, OnePlus 10 Pro5G, in Europe, North America and India on 31st March, 2022 at 3 PM BST. Complete with second-generation Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, OnePlus 10 Pro5G takes the OnePlus camera experience even further featuring the OnePlus Billion Color Solution that allows Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad to be applied to over one billion colors. To celebrate the upcoming launch and showcase the camera quality of OnePlus 10 Pro5G, co-developed with Hasselblad, OnePlus has undertaken an ultimate Never Settle challenge and successfully captured stunning images of the horizon.

Hasselblad was the first camera to take pictures on the moon, chosen due to their trustworthy quality. Now, this picture quality is available with a OnePlus 10 Pro5G powered by the second-generation Hasselblad Camera for Mobile. To bring this to life in 2022, OnePlus set out on an ultimate quest by sending OnePlus 10 Pro5G 38,000 meters up into the stratosphere, enduring windspeeds of 200kph and temperatures down to minus 60 degrees, to take the perfect shot of the horizon.  

The journey to the stratosphere was made possible using an extremely light-weight module, which protected the phones from the external temperature and christened ‘The Stratosphone’, tied to a weather balloon. Further, an app was developed to remotely operate the devices which helped in taking pictures at the right time and with the appropriate settings. Using meteorological calculations, the module with the phones was recovered and the spectacular images of the horizon revealed.

Since community has always been at the core of OnePlus’ DNA, this initiative was executed in close collaboration with OnePlus’ community members who actively shared recommendations and supported the campaign idea. They were involved in naming ‘The Stratosphone’ and contributed in the eventful journey to the stratosphere. From helping with the execution on-ground to recovering the devices, OnePlus’ community came together exhibiting their Never Settle attitude to overcome challenges.

Talking about the unique campaign, Kate Parkyn, Associate Marketing Director, OnePlus Europe, said, “Since the launch of OnePlus 9 series, we have been in a close-knit strategic partnership with Hasselblad to co-create and improve on OnePlus flagship camera technology. This is the second year of our partnership with Hasselblad where we have further developed and improved the colour science with the second-generation Hasselblad Camera for Mobile. Our campaign is inspired by Hasselblad’s historical voyage to space to take images of the moon and we were confident that our camera too will be successful in delivering the same image quality. We are extremely delighted to see the stunning images of the horizon captured by OnePlus 10 Pro and proudly present this trusted camera quality to OnePlus users.”

For the OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus worked with Hasselblad to fine tune the color processing in over 500 usage scenarios and even in extreme weather conditions, to significantly improve color performance and stability. It is this attention to detail combined with the OnePlus Billion Color Solution that allows users to capture every shot with the highest picture quality. OnePlus 10 Pro is in fact the first OnePlus device equipped with a camera system that shoots in full 10-bit colour to deliver a more natural and delicate display of color in every photo. The benefit of 10-bit color is smoother colour transitions in photos without colour banding and the ability to process 64 times more color than smartphones that shoot in 8-bit colour.

For further details on the campaign, visit the OnePlus forum.

Pricing and Availability

The OnePlus 10 Pro will be available to pre-order on and Amazon starting March 31st at 1520. Users who pre-order on will also receive a free premium wireless OnePlus Buds Pro.

Buyers from other sales channels including Amazon need to link their OnePlus 10 Pro to their OnePlus account and redeem Buds Pro on the OnePlus store app.


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