Sky+ HD update gets major overhaul; rolling out to your box soon

Via: Recombu

As an ex-TiVo user (not Virgin Media, but when TiVo actually existed on its own in the UK), I remember spending years moaning about the limitations of the Sky guide.

And during all of that time, I had to endure people saying how it was all about simplicity. People didn’t need complex features, they didn’t need detailed searching and who would ever want to undelete something? Just don’t delete it in the first place.

But over the last few years, the fanboys that defended the once awful Sky EPG have presumably come to realise that Sky had to do something.. and in the last year alone, the new guide has become almost unrecognisable.

The latest update to start rolling out is perhaps the best yet, and I for one am so glad that we’re not still forced to use what some people claimed was all we needed.


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