Haven’t you herd? EE is providing free high-speed Wi-Fi at Glastonbury

After recently using donkeys to celebrate the continued expansion of 4G service to smaller towns and villages like West Kirby, EE has today announced the use of cows to provide free Wi-Fi at Glastonbury festival – using EE’s 4G network of course.

It seems like EE is betting the whole farm on 4G, so I wonder what animals will be used next?

Oh, and don’t worry about the welfare of these bovine powered hotspots. They’re taken and placed inside a fibreglass shell and painted to help them remain perfectly still, but comfortable, throughout the festival.

That’s unless I read the press release wrong?

Baa. (That’ll be the 4G ShEEp laughing from a nearby field).

Free Wi-FI from EE at GlastonburyEE Highspeed Herd and Worthy Farm CowsEE Highspeed Herd

Press release


Festival partner EE to bring superfast 4G WiFi to this year’s Glastonbury Festival in the form of life-size cows
Fibreglass ‘Highspeed Herd’ statues are modelled on Worthy Farm’s famous dairy cows and painted by legendary Glastonbury bin artist Hank and his team
‘Moobile’ WiFi hotspots will allow revellers to log on and upload pictures and videos in record time thanks to EE’s bespoke 4G network on site

Monday 23rd June, 2014: EE, the technology partner of Glastonbury Festival 2014, announced that it will install the latest 4G WiFi technology at this year’s event for festival goers to use for free. Inspired by the award-winning dairy herd at Worthy Farm, each 4G WiFi hotspot takes the form of a festival-themed life-size cow and will allow users to log on and upload festival memories in superfast time.
The fibre-glass cow statues have been decorated by one of the Festival’s legendary artists, Hank, and from the moment the gates open this Wednesday, festival goers will be able to get superfast internet ‘on the hoof’ thanks to EE’s Highspeed Herd. The 4GEE cows will be placed at key points around the site to allow revellers on any mobile network to simply log-on using any device, ensuring no magical festival moment will go ‘unshared’ or ‘unliked’.

In keeping with the ethos of Glastonbury, the 4GEE Highspeed Herd design has been enhanced by Hank and his team, who have been decorating the iconic steel drum bins around the Festival grounds in their unique style since the 1980s. They have achieved global recognition thanks to their long-standing service, and one of their painted bins currently resides in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States.

EE will install a bespoke 4G network on site for the Festival weekend, which will power the cows, continuing to bring the superfast broadband experience to the most rural parts of the UK. EE’s 4G network now covers 215 large towns and cities, and an additional 2,588 rural villages and small towns.

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand at EE, said: “Staying connected has become an essential part of any festival-goers experience and we are thrilled to be back supporting Glastonbury Festival, helping to ensure those on site have the best possible experience. Worthy Farm’s famous dairy herd are award-winning, much like our superfast 4G network, and we wanted to have some fun this year while providing a much-needed service.”

Hank, Glastonbury’s legendary on site artist, said: “It’s not the first cow I’ve ever painted but it’s certainly the most high-tech. We’ve loved bringing these 4G beasts to life and I think they look brilliant. My team and I have even named them: Dolly, Daisy and Molly seemed the perfect fit to me.”

The 4GEE Highspeed Herd is available to all from 10am until 10pm Thursday to Sunday.

Other tech innovations EE is bringing to this year’s festival include widespread contactless payment on site, with over 100 card readers in 25 main bars, as well as Cash on Tap facilities for EE customers with compatible phones, allowing users to pay for items up to £20 with a mobile phone.

The official Glastonbury 2014 app, created by EE, shows all the latest news, set times, lives streams of the BBC’s coverage over the weekend and features improved social media integration this year, helping friends connect on site. It is available to download now for all smartphone users on any mobile network.

For more information on EE’s partnership with the Glastonbury Festival, please visit ee.co.uk/Glastonbury


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