On the day Huawei launched the dual-camera P9 in collaboration with Leica, I created an open gallery for all owners (P9 and P9 Plus) to contribute to.

Just over six months later, and with almost 700 photos added, I’ve picked a selection of photos that I feel show off this impressive phone camera to the best of its abilities.

It’s an extremely dynamic camera, which makes it hard to get bad photos in all but the worst lighting conditions (when you can bring out the tripod and take super night shots instead).

There are so many different modes to choose from, including a range of colour profiles, manual settings, RAW image saving, plus many video effects, that you can really get carried away taking photos and, most importantly, having fun.

Please look through the gallery below, and share your comments either on this post, or directly on each photo.

Afterwards, if you have time, please take a look at the original gallery. If you’ve got a P9 or P9 Plus yourself, please do share some of your photos and I might pick them for a future gallery here in the future.

Finally, if you have recently bought an Honor 8, which also features a dual-camera and almost all the same functions, there’s a gallery just for the Honor 8 too!

  • (Note: A couple of photos in the gallery have been post-processed, but I feel it’s okay to keep them here because they’re still a result of the P9/P9 Plus camera taking the picture in the first place – and it’s not unreasonable to play around with photos before publishing them).

Photo Gallery

Special thanks to the contributors to the gallery:

  • Myself (!)
  • Tomi Adebayo
  • Chris Hare
  • Daniel Carter
  • Don Davis
  • Filippo Riccardo Di Salaparuta
  • Purav D
  • Hugo Marques
  • Satish K
  • Filipe Martinho
  • Matthew Hayward
  • Matthew Fletcher

Written by Jonathan Morris

Writing about technology, with a focus on mobile, since the early 1990s! Former editor of What Mobile magazine, writer for The Telegraph, Stuff, Know Your Mobile, Pocket Gamer, Smart TV Radar and more. Regular Tweeter, occasional YouTuber, keen amateur photographer and forum moderator. If you like what I write, please consider deactivating your ad blocker or making a donation via PayPal to help fund this site.

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