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Let the Christmas sales begin! Part two: Vodafone

While Santa awaits the MOT on his sleigh, Vodafone is slashing prices before Christmas has arrived!

There are some huge savings on the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL models.

The Galaxy S9 might be quite old now, but available for as little as £24 per month, it’s quite a deal. The Red plan comes with 5GB of data per month.

The Note 10+ 5G will cost you £63 per month, on the Vodafone Unlimited Max plan.

But the biggest deal by far is on the Pixel 4 models, with a free Google Nest Hub Max thrown in for good measure.

That means you can get a Pixel 4 with Nest Hub Max for as little as £44 per month, or the Pixel 4XL with Nest Hub Max for £48 per month. Both prices are for the Vodafone Unlimited Lite plan, limited to a maximum speed of 2Mbps, but other plans are available.

There’s also a deal on the Apple iPhone XS, which will cost £56 per month on the Vodafone Unlimited Lite plan.

All of the offers have an initial upfront cost that varies depending on the handset purchased.

For Pay as you Go customers, there are deals on the Samsung Galaxy A20e (now £99 with a £10 big value bundle) and the IMO Q2 Plus (£29.99 with a £10 bundle).

Other deals include double data on selected SIM-only plans, or triple data on big value bundles for one month.

Finally, there are discounts on the V by Vodafone connected devices, including the V-Bag Tracker and V-Pet Tracker Kippy EVO.

These deals are available until 30th January 2020.


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