OnePlus sets up Ideas platform to invite suggestions on OxygenOS improvements

OnePlus has created a new platform called IDEAS to allow OnePlus users to suggest improvements to OxygenOS.

Continuing on from previous usage of the community forum to come up with ideas on improving the user interface and features, the new IDEAS platform will be a standalone location to share thoughts and creative initiatives for improving the software experience for current and future OnePlus devices.

By creating the spin-off Ideas co-creation platform, new suggestions can be viewed more easily than on the current forum that encompasses all discussions relating to OnePlus.

Pitched ideas can be chosen for implementation through a voting system from other users.

As a brand co-created with its community, OnePlus values the feedback from its users and constantly strives to turn new ideas into reality.

Over the years, the OnePlus community has grown significantly and attracted numerous members who have shared valuable feedback to help the company constantly deliver a better user experience.

The launch of the IDEAS platform is an important part of OnePlus’ commitment to working closely with its users to provide the best possible smartphone experience by engaging them in the product development process.

OnePlus Press Release

More info: OnePlus IDEAS Platform


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