EE tweaking home mobile broadband plans, adding reserve data to 500GB plan

EE is in the process of updating its mobile broadband plans, including ‘unlimited’ data for the first time.

When it comes to choosing a mobile broadband plan, it can be quite confusing as there are a range of different options and available plans, depending on whether you’re going for SIM only data plans, buying portable hotspots, or mains powered routers for the home.

5G home router with free antenna – one of the deals offered on EE’s website right now

I’ve been informed that the key changes will be that plans with data allowances of less than 300GB will now be capped to 30Mbps.

300GB plans and above will come with no speed cap, while those on the 500GB plan can enjoy full-speed data for all of the allowance, then once that is reached use the reserve data feature recently added on pay-monthly phone contracts.

This effectively gives unlimited data but at a reduced speed (This is 2Mbps on handset plans, so likely to be the same here).

There is also a 1000GB plan for the 5G router, which is the top plan currently available. It is not known if this will also come with the reserve data feature when the new plans are launched.

What we absolutely won’t be seeing, yet at least, is a truly unlimited data plan.

If I get any more information, I’ll update this article as appropriate.

More info: EE


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