Realme GT Neo 3 powers ahead of rivals with superfast 150W charging to gain top DXOMARK score

Realme’s forthcoming GT Neo 3 will come with its incredible 150W charging tech, that will get the phone from 0-50% in just five minutes.

Initially launching in India on April 28th, the phone is set to come to Europe also – and the key feature of this new phone is the incredibly fast charging technology.

Available in two versions, the GT Neo 3 that Realme is talking about here is the model with a 4,500mAh battery and the 150W charging tech. A model with a larger 5,000mAh battery, but a slower (relatively speaking) 65 or 80W charger, might also be announced for release here later – but it’s not clear if both models will be released in all markets.

The reason for the slightly smaller battery is to allow for the extra electronics needed to charge the battery at a higher rate.

The GT Neo 3 has received a DXOMARK score for charging, and it has trumped devices like last year’s Realme GT Neo 2, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Realme GT Neo 3 gets a score of 121, with the other named models getting 101 and 73 respectively.

Realme has explained more about the charging technology below, and highlights how safe it will be in normal use – for those who might have justifiable concerns about such high power rates and the issues with a certain smartphone a while ago…

Remarkable Charging Speed

Fast charging technology on smartphones is one of the best innovations to modern technology, as it increases the usability and portability of your device. This means users can be on the move for longer periods without worrying about their battery, saving both time and increasing convenience.

Customised to meet users’ needs, the realme GT NEO 3 is equipped with the UltraDart Adaptive Dual-chipset, coupled with the new 4:2 high power charging architecture, this improves battery charging efficiency and reduces energy loss during charging from the source. Furthermore, the higher efficiency custom charge pump reduces the heat generated during charging, resulting in the charging temperature further extending the duration of high power charging and maximising the charging speed.

With the new Dual-cell Series Structure, two 2250mAh cells are connected in series inside the battery, equivalent to a single 4500mAh cell. Impressively, the Dual-Cell Series Structure design can double the charging power with the same charging current.

By adopting Battery Sense Cell Voltage Detection technology, the device can accurately detect the voltage of the cells, effectively avoiding errors caused by the battery protection circuit. This allows for a more accurate strategy during the charging process, making the overall charging time shorter.

Multiple protections, certified by TÜV Rheinland for better security

In addition to speed, realme values safety too. The independent charging chip ensures instant disconnection if it senses a risk to battery health.  Due to 38 security-protective measures, the device has been certified by TÜV Rheinland for a Safe Fast-Charge System. Therefore, realme GT NEO 3 users don’t have to worry about safety while experiencing the thrill of fast charging. Moreover, the dedicated MCU charging security chip has been added to the charging circuit, which can directly shut down the 150W charger in the case of an abnormal charging status.

Extra battery capacity, extra battery life

The GT NEO 3 uses a durable, fast-charging battery with an effective battery capacity of no less than 80% battery health after 1600 complete charge and discharge cycles, which is twice the industry standard. For long-term use, this can greatly reduce the decline in effective battery capacity and ensure the phone’s longevity.

The 4500mAh battery capacity guarantees longevity, especially in the current 5G environment. In daily use, fast charging supplements the larger battery, and the increase in charging speed empowers the efficiency and utility of the device. GT NEO 3 has opted to prioritise the protection of the larger battery for a durable life span.

Owning a smartphone with a large battery capacity not only enables users to extend the product’s lifespan but also decreases the expense of supporting devices such as power banks. In addition, with a strong battery, a smartphone can become a sufficient assistant in work and life, reducing unnecessary inconveniences and interruptions.

The realme GT NEO 3 promises to be a product that brings a complete 3-in-1 experience to users: fast, safe, and durable, without compromise.

Realme Press Release, April 20th 2022
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