Honor Magic 5 Pro: Summer 2023 Photos

Here are some more photos taken with the Magic 5 Pro from Honor – this time as I took some time out for a holiday!

I’m still loving this phone and am happy to say that it’s my daily driver – and it has performed magnificently on a recent trip to Spain, where the phone – with power save mode turned on – didn’t require a charge all day (and it was quite a day, with an early start from London to Paris, followed by a six hour train ride from Paris to Barcelona before using a local train to our resort).

The Magic 5 Pro is a phone you can absolutely rely on for trips like this without any chance of battery anxiety – and the camera is exceptional (with 0.6, 1, 3.5 and 10x zoom options). Given the improvement of the Magic 5 Pro over the Magic 4 Pro, I can’t wait to see what Honor will do with the next version in 2024!

For now, enjoy the pictures and maybe re-read my review to consider whether you should be buying this phone (often available with some great discounts from the Honor store!).

NOTE: I also took the Honor 90 with me and will have another gallery to post soon. This is another great phone from Honor that offers a great deal of what you get with the Magic 5 Pro but for a sizeable cost saving.


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