When I wrote my story about Three’s pending 4G launch before Christmas, I was unfortunately unable to experience the speeds that 4G promises. In fact, even my 3G experience was nothing short of terrible, although perhaps understandable given my central London location, and the time of year.

But yesterday, a friend of mine who writes for Coolsmartphone met up with Three – again in central London – and was able to do some more testing of Three’s 4G service. And this time around it seems that things look rather a lot better, as the speed test below demonstrates.

Cool Smartphone 4G hands-on: Impressive numbers
Coolsmartphone 4G hands-on: Impressive numbers – 49.81Mbps down, 16.84Mbps up

Since my story, Three has also been spotted on 4G network scans around the UK. Hopefully in a few months the Three coverage maps will show a significant improvement not just in London, Birmingham and Manchester (and of course Maidenhead!) but other big towns and cities, such as Edinburgh.

What’s more, Coolsmartphone was told that Three now aims to have everyone 4G-enabled by mid-February.

I was told people will begin to get updated from Jan 16th and through to the end of Q1 (no exact date was given for the completion) so mid-February is certainly welcome news.

According to the site:

“Rollout of 4G has already started and we were told by ‘mid Feb’ everyone should be 4G enabled and able to get the service when in a 4G area, the closer to a 4G location you live the sooner your sim update to enable 4G but everyone to be done by mid-Feb was what I was told tonight.”

Via Coolsmartphone

UPDATE: It would appear that the activations have slipped a little, with Three now stating that users are being activated for 4G access from today (Monday February 3rd) and throughout February, with everyone done by the start of March.

As yet I’m still waiting for news of anyone that has received a SIM update and text message to confirm the account has been updated.

Anyone that gets an update, please let me know!


Written by Jonathan Morris

Writing about technology, with a focus on mobile, since the early 1990s! Former editor of What Mobile magazine, writer for The Telegraph, Stuff, Know Your Mobile, Pocket Gamer, Smart TV Radar and more. Regular Tweeter, occasional YouTuber, keen amateur photographer and forum moderator. If you like what I write, please consider deactivating your ad blocker or making a donation via PayPal to help fund this site.


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