Galaxy S6 Active leaked… by Samsung


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Galaxy S6 Active leaked shot (via evleaks)

I don’t generally do rumour stories, but did think it worth linking to this story about the S6 Active, as it is quite an appealing phone for the more ‘active’ user, with shock and water protection. Of course, whether it will ever see a widespread release and appear on the high-street remains to be seen.

Earlier rumours, which would appear to be false, suggested the S6 Active would come with a larger capacity battery and card slot, addressing my concerns about the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, but now it seems it’s not going to have either – following a leak from Samsung itself.

Galaxy S6 Active leaked shot (via evleaks)
Galaxy S6 Active leaked shot (via evleaks)

This just leaves a slim hope that the Galaxy S6 Plus  (see leaked pics here) might have a bigger battery at least, as it does appear that Samsung has no plans to bring back the memory card slot and force you to shell out extra for a larger capacity that can’t be increased without swapping the phone.