Honor 5X: Camera Images (part 1)

I’ve only had the new Honor 5X a short while, but I’ve had it enough to set it up to my own personal preferences and take a few photographs.

That meant restoring my apps (a very easy process, as it supports the standard Android restore functions – allowing you to pick backups from various Android devices you might already own), and installing Nova Launcher.

Now I don’t hate Emotion UI, but I do prefer having an app drawer. Unless you want to do things the ‘iOS way’ then changing launcher is the way to go.

Now I’ve done this, I’m ready to start the review process. Normally a review is of the device as you get it out of the box, but I am pretty certain most people will want to change the launcher – especially most people who read my reviews.

But for now here’s the obligatory first impressions of the camera – based on photos I took within a short space when visiting London today.

The Honor 5X sports a 13-megapixel camera, and I have been impressed with the performance in my short time with the phone. Focus time is very quick and there are loads of camera modes on offer, as is customary for Huawei and Honor phones. There’s no manual mode though.

I’ll try out other modes later, but for now here are photos taken in standard mode and with HDR enabled (the outdoor ones at dusk, with lots of bright lighting).

The extensive list of camera features includes good food, beauty, time-lapse, HDR, panorama, all-focus, best photo, watermark and slow-mo. On the video side, you can enable HDR and go up to 1080p resolution.

Let me know what you think, but I can foresee good things from this phone.

Honor 5X Camera Images


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