Huawei launches four new colour variants for the P20 Pro, including real leather

With the new Mate 20 handsets on the horizon (including the Mate 20 Lite announced today), Huawei has announced four new colours for the existing P20 Pro; two variants with real-leather backs and two variants with gradient colours – each inspired by nature.

There’s not much else to say, as the specification of the handsets remains exactly the same as the original phone.

With the leather backed phones, I can certainly say that the phone feels more rugged and durable, and could more easily be kept outside of a case without fear of damage, or even just picking up fingerprints and other smudges.

As a result, it would be nice to see this being used more. If not real leather, certainly other soft-feel textures, to give the option to have something other than glass.

Gorgeous as the P20 Pro looks in the various coloured designs from launch, I think the leather is the more practical choice.

What do you think?


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