Vodafone adds three new affordable GPS trackers to its V by Vodafone range

Vodafone has added to its already pretty comprehensive range of trackers, with three new products that includes a mini tracker for small items, a new pet tracker, and an advanced luggage tracker with light and motion detection.

Other products already on sale from Vodafone include a kids watch with tracker, fall-sensing SOS bands, car trackers, and a wireless camera with motion and sound detection.

The three new products coming very soon are listed below, and the service charge shown covers the cost of all data usage on the bundled SIM, for use on Vodafone’s network here and when roaming in most European destinations.

UPDATE 14/01/19: This story was originally published on October 6th 2018 but has been ‘bumped’ to reflect today’s announcement that the products are now available to buy.

V-Multi Tracker TrackiSafe Mini – £40 + £2 a month

V-Multi Tracker
V-Multi Tracker

The multi tracker is designed for keys, laptops, cases and other important possessions.

It will show its location using a smartphone app, and can be set to alert if it moves outside a designated area. It also features an SOS button so it can be used by someone to send their location at the press of a button.

Measuring 39mm wide and 11mm high (weighing in at just 20g) it’s lightweight and easy to clip to items you want to keep an eye on. It’s also splash proof as an added bonus.

V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 – £98 + £4 a month

V-Pet Tracker
V-Pet Tracker

The latest Pod 3 pet tracker is a 24/7 activity monitor for your pet, which can also track pets indoors and out, with an alert for when they move outside a ‘safe zone’.

The V-Pet Tracker is waterproof and what Vodafone calls ‘pet-proof’, meaning it can manage the various activities a pet is likely to get up to. Meanwhile, the tracker is small and light enough that your pet won’t even know it’s there.

As an added benefit, the rechargeable batteries are removable so rather than have to remove the tracker, simply swap the battery with the spare one that is included.

V-Bag Tracker TrackiSafe – £50 + £3 a month

V-Bag Tracker
V-Bag Tracker

This credit-card sized luggage tracker has one big feature; long battery life. With a typical life of three to four days, you won’t need to worry about losing track (sic) of your bag if it should go missing, or not arrive somewhere when you do.

Like the other trackers mentioned above, you can set safe zones and see where the bag is at any time using your smartphone.

A light sensor will also alert you if a bag or case is opened, while you’ll also be able to tell if the bag begins to move at speed – such as being taken away in a moving vehicle.

All these trackers, and more, are available shortly from Vodafone’s dedicated V by Vodafone store.

More info: V by Vodafone


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