Xiaomi launches its first 5G smartphone and it won’t cost a fortune!

Xiaomi followed the launch of its Mi 9 smartphone with news of its first 5G smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

The Mi Mix 3 5G is basically the 5G version of the existing Mi Mix 3, with two notable changes:

Firstly it now has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset with 5G modem. This gives a processor uplift (single core) of 45%, and a 20% improvement on the Snapdragon 845 GPU.

Secondly, the battery has been jacked up to 3,800mAh. Still pretty low, but certainly a marked improvement on the original.

Given the rest of the phone is spec-for-spec the same, there’s not much more to say about a phone I’ve already reviewed.

Oh yes, there is one more thing; the price.

If 5G is to be considered a massive cash-grab by the mobile industry, Xiaomi is probably going to ruffle a few feathers by announcing the Mi Mix 3 5G will cost just €599 when it goes on sale as soon as early May.

It will also be available in a choice of onyx black or sapphire blue.

More info: Xiaomi UK


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