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EE poised to launch a series of zero-rated data offers to pay monthly subscribers? [Updated]

It appears EE is on the verge of launching a range of zero-rated data offers for pay-monthly customers, including unlimited video streaming even when roaming.

By texting ‘My Offers’ to 150, I was presented with a list of bundles to choose from. Some of these offers have existed for a while, but there are some new ones.

The most notable is video streaming, with a £8.99 subscription allowing the unlimited streaming of programming from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MTV Play, and others. This might include services like YouTube, but it’s too early to know. [Update: The Video pass includes BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, MTV Play and TV Player.]

EE’s text message also states that, depending on the plan, you can enjoy streaming in up to 53 countries.

EE My Offers screenshot
EE My Offers

The URL in the above screenshot is not yet set up, unless it’s a rather risqué suggestion of what the ‘and more’ content might be…!

The Prime Video offer comprises six months of free Amazon Prime Video streaming, with a subscription cost of £5.99 thereafter. There’s no mention of this being available when roaming [Update: It will be zero rated when roaming for the first six months.]

Apple Music is a similar six month free trial, with a £9.99 monthly subscription thereafter. This is a deal that has been available for some time.

At the time of writing, I was unable to confirm the specifics for MTV Play and BT Sport – but EE has been doing BT Sport offers before, so it’s likely to be similar or the same. [Update: MTV Play is free for six months and then £3.99 a month after; BT Sport is as per the current offer.]

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for EE to make this official. In the meantime, feel free to play around for yourself.

  • Thanks to Digital Spy Forum for the tip!


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