Huawei P30 Pro Photo Gallery: Up Close and Personal

Since posting my Huawei P30 Pro review, I’ve been out taking hundreds of photos and I will never cease to be amazed by the zoom capabilities of the phone.

So much so that I’ve decided to post some of my best examples, often with 50x AI-assisted digital zoom photos that were likely seen as nothing but a gimmick when first announced back in March.

Time and time again the phone has demonstrated its ability to produce surprisingly decent results even at such a crazy zoom level. Results you would not think possible from a mobile phone.

Obviously the results aren’t going to be suitable for poster printing or casting to your big-screen TV in the living room, but for sharing on social media the results are just fine. If nothing else, it’s a lot of fun using the feature even if you don’t actually share the pictures at all.

Despite Huawei’s current struggles, the P30 Pro continues to impress – and also continuing to get software and security updates – so it’s a worthy reminder of just how good this phone still is.

If you haven’t already joined, please check out my Google Photos Gallery where you can see more P30 Pro photos taken by myself, as well as countless more by other P30 Pro owners. If you’ve got one yourself, please do share!


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