Vodafone partners with Amazon to allow Alexa to make and receive calls from your mobile number

Vodafone today announced a partnership with Amazon that allows Vodafone customers to make and receive hands-free calls via Amazon Echo devices, using an existing mobile plan.

Subscribers on suitable Red pay monthly plans simply link a mobile phone number to their Alexa account, which is done by setting up Vodafone OneNumber.

Once using Vodafone OneNumber, customers use multiple Alexa devices to make or receive calls, including Emergency calls once you register your home address during the sign-up process.

Making a phone call, using your mobile plan allowance, can be as simple as saying ‘Alexa, call mum’. When a call comes in via your mobile, Alexa devices will announce the call and give you the option to answer it.

Vodafone believes that by allowing you to use your mobile subscription within the home, it could effectively do away with the need for a fixed line altogether.

  • Amazon has also announced other services for Alexa, including Amazon Outbound Calling (for those who don’t have a Vodafone OneNumber plan), Drop in (to make instant connections to other devices in the home), Announcements (broadcast a message to all devices) and Skype calling with Alexa (use Skype to make and receive calls).

More info: Vodafone OneNumber


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