Nokia launches two new smartphones alongside some classics

Nokia has launched two new smartphones alongside some new classic handsets that include a new flip-phone and a rugged beast.

Nokia 7.2

The Nokia 7.2 (€299 4GB/64GB / €349 6GB/64GB) is Nokia’s third generation Nokia 7 handset, and brings a 48-megapixel camera with ZEISS optics. It also introduces ‘DSLR level’ pro-bokeh styles for portrait mode, in all lighting conditions. AI technology is also used for high-quality night mode photography without the need for a tripod.

Nokia 6.2

The Nokia 6.2 (€199 3GB/32GB / €249 4GB/64GB) is the first Nokia 6 to introduce a triple camera and PureDisplay (notched) display with HDR – delivering up to a billion shades of colour.

The camera allows detailed photos, bokeh effects and wide-angle shots, along with two-day battery life.

Nokia 2720 Flip with 4G

The Nokia 2720 Flip (€89) is a 4G enabled clamshell phone, using a design that will be familiar to long-term Nokia fans who may remember the styling from yesteryear.

While not a smartphone, the 2720 Flip still gives access to apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The Nokia 800 Tough (€109) is a rugged phone that also brings 4G and access to services like WhatsApp and Facebook. It’s water and dust proof, and designed to withstand high temperatures. It’s ideal for outdoor use, and Nokia is also aiming it at enterprise customers.

Nokia 110

Finally, the Nokia 110 is a simple, cheap and cheerful (around £20), entry level phone that has an integrated MP3 player, camera and FM radio. It lets you talk all day on a single charge, and also gives you access to your favourite Nokia games like Snake.

More info with details specifications: HMD Global


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