Huawei speaks honestly about its challenges and speaks positively for the future

We came to Munich to learn about new devices, but before Richard Yu, CEO, took to the stage, we were invited to a pre-event briefing with a difference.

Huawei logo

Instead of being told about any upcoming products, the Western European president, Walter Ji, took time to speak of Huawei’s 32 year history (it turned 32 on 15th September) and the various challenges – and opportunities – it has worked through in that time.

It isn’t the first time that some have feared Huawei, and the company has worked hard to overcome those fears and prove itself.

As part of the talk came a promise that Europe remains its most important market, and customers its number one priority.

Image: Walter Ji, President Western Europe Consumer Business Group

Innovation never ends

Huawei believes in open collaboration, and meaningful innovation – such as better cameras, larger cameras, more comfortable screen sizes, plus a good look and design.

The commitment to the EU market is long-term, with a series of new flagship stores either open (Madrid) or opening (Barcelona and Paris) soon or in the future (elsewhere in Europe).

Its focus won’t solely be around smartphones, as Huawei continues to develop and market PC, wearable, mobile broadband and other accessories to give the best experience in people’s digital lives.

No need to fear

Huawei’s CMO, Andrew Garrihy, stated out that, yes, Huawei comes from China but there’s no doubt it is a global technology leader today.

“Some people embrace it. Some people fear it.” he said.

Image: Andrew Garrihy, Huawei Chief Marketing Officer

Huge investment in R&D has resulted in Huawei launching the first AI processor, the Mate X foldable phone, and the first to bring Leica dual, triple and now quad-cameras.

It’s all part of a desire to change the world by allowing people to things that they couldn’t before.

There’s no doubt that Huawei faces more challenges ahead, but it has been in similar situations before and got through them.

The path ahead

Image: Mate 30 Series launch – whatever is happening, it won’t stop Huawei innovating

Today’s presentation has helped give some clarity on where things are today, and at least confirms that Huawei isn’t going to abandon ship. It knows what it can offer Europe, and it also knows that there are plenty of customers in Europe that want to see Huawei back on its feet.

In my conversations with other businesses that are rivals to Huawei, nobody likes the current situation. All thrive on healthy, honest, competition.

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