Samsung partners with Klarna to offer flexible finance on Samsung products

Samsung is offering a new way to pay for its goods, with a partnership with payment-plan specialists Klarna.

Klarna offers variable payment plans for goods and services and is now becoming available from a number of companies, lessening the blow of making expensive purchases such as TVs, white goods, smartphones and tablets.

Offers include the ability to pay after 30 days of purchasing an item, over a period of three months, or spreading the cost for a longer period – such as three or four years.

There are various terms and conditions that apply, which will be stated clearly during the buying process. For example, the ability to pay after 30 days is restricted to a basket value of up to £250 only. For £250-1000 you are offered the three month payback option.

For longer payment options, the interest ranges from 0% APR (pay within 6-24 months) or 9.99% APR for 30, 36 or 48 months. Again, there are some restrictions and all of this can be found when making an order.

Klarna continues to allow Samsung to offer users its upgrade scheme on new phones, so you can purchase a phone today and pay over 24 months, then upgrade to a new phone.

More info: Samsung Klarna


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