Three is shuttering its loyalty reward scheme Wuntu next month

Wuntu is closing, which may not come as much of a surprise. A bigger surprise might be that people were actually using it in recent times.

Three customers will be receiving notifications in the coming days to thank users for using the service (or not) and stating that all offers cease to be available from December 15th.

What customers will be told between now and December 15th

Three does say it’s working on other ways to reward customers, but in my opinion I feel no loyalty schemes have ever worked particularly well for consumers, with only a few exceptions such as Tesco’s longstanding and well-received Clubcard scheme (which has prompted the supermarket to dabble with a subscription-model for further offers, which might be a little more controversial).

I can’t really remember when I last took advantage of a deal on Wuntu, and think it was early on when you could get a free coffee or pizza, but eventually most loyalty schemes end up offering lacklustre deals and things like free-trials for services that can be obtained just about anywhere.

Vodafone’s loyalty scheme feels similar, and I wonder how long that will last. Like Three’s offerings, the choices of offers seem rather uninspired, with the only exception being the discounted cinema tickets.

Time will tell, of course.

Have you used Wuntu much since it was launched, and how do you feel about its pending demise?

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