EE celebrates its first year of 5G with a service now available in 80 towns and cities

It’s one year today since EE officially launched its 5G network at a lavish launch event held on the River Thames.

Marc Allera launching 5G in May 2019

One year on, EE is now available in 80 cities and towns around the UK (see below).

Earlier this week, the network made 5G standard on its smart plans and introduced a new Reserve Data feature that allows users to continue enjoying data connectivity at a lower speed when their data allowance runs out.

5G isn’t just about offering faster speed, but of course faster speed – and lower latency – allows for more things to be done over mobile in the future, from industry automation, healthcare, live TV broadcasting, to humble gaming and video streaming with less buffering and latency.

5G coverage as of May 2020 – click for larger image

5G upgraded sites also bring 4G improvements too, so even those yet to invest in a 5G handset can see a benefit too.

“One year ago today, we started the UK’s 5G journey by launching the first 5G network. In just one year, we’ve already seen a number of  incredible experiences and real-life use cases that 5G enables, both for consumers and businesses, and there’s still so much more to come.

“5G technology will continue to make our customers’ lives easier, make our networks more efficient, and help launch entirely new ideas and businesses that we haven’t yet imagined.”

Marc Allera, BT Consumer Division CEO

In terms of app usage, 5G users are enjoying YouTube as their number one go-to service, followed by Netflix, Facebook and Instagram.

Stormzy performing for the public at EE’s 5G launch event (photo: J.Morris)

More details of EE’s 5G service can be found here.


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