Sky Mobile introduces ability to gift unused data to up to seven other users

Sky Mobile has revealed a lot of customers have accumulated spare data, and now it can be shared with those who might need it more during lockdown.

Sky Mobile users can now ‘gift’ data to other SIMs on their account (up to seven), similar to the gifting already offered by EE.

Unused data on Sky Mobile rolls over from one month to the next, for up to three years, so that can mean there’s a lot of unused data sitting around in Sky Piggybank – the place where unused data is currently saved for use later, or being cashed in for various rewards.

From today, Sky Mobile is making it possible to share data from the Piggybank with up to seven other users on the same account.

“We know lots of people have rolled over spare data over the past year so we’re making it possible for them to share it with someone who really needs it. Whether that’s giving data to a grandparent to stay connected or to help others who are home schooling, we hope this free SIM will go some way in providing a much-needed data boost.”

Paul Sweeney, Sky Mobile MD

The process is very simple:

  1. Visit Sky Mobile (link) to add a free SIM(s) to your basket.
  2. Follow the instructions on the SIM when it arrives to activate it.
  3. Once activated, give it to anyone you want (adhering to current lockdown guidelines).
  4. Start sharing your spare data from the Sky Piggybank using the My Sky app.

The free SIM offer runs between 10th February and 25th February 2021. It will remain free for 12 months, and thereafter will cost £5 per month, unless you cancel.

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One thought on “Sky Mobile introduces ability to gift unused data to up to seven other users

  1. This is disgustingly deceptive wording on this ad. You advertise as if you can simply share data but it, in reality, operates in a totally different way. It’s wrong. And, I’m a Sky Mobile account holder!


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