Vodafone launches new flexible EVO mobile plans it claims will shake up the industry

Vodafone is offering a new flexible mobile plan, with a term that ranges from 12 to 36 months. There are further offerings for combining a fixed broadband solution too.

The new Vodafone EVO plans bring everything Vodafone can offer today, including 4G and 5G access, access to over 80 countries for roaming (including the most 5G networks you can roam on), access to the MyVodafone app and VeryMe loyalty reward scheme.

The new offering allows you to opt to pay more or less up-front for your new mobile to adjust the monthly cost, and every 12 months you will be able to upgrade your handset without changing contract.

The company allows you to trade-in your old handset, with a guaranteed value given from the MyVodafone app that doesn’t require visiting a store first for a valuation.

Should you prefer to keep your existing phone, Vodafone is also offering a Battery Refresh programme so you can keep your existing device going for longer.

In addition, you are free to add a broadband connection at any time with the new combined Vodafone Together plan, which also comes with Vodafone’s new Buy One, Give One initiative.

For every new connection, Vodafone will bring someone out of digital poverty by giving them Internet connectivity – following on from the many initiatives Vodafone pioneered during the Covid pandemic to keep families and children connected.

More information

More details of the Vodafone EVO plans can be found on the Vodafone website.

Press Release


Vodafone has today unveiled EVO – its new flexible mobile offering which enables consumer and sole trader business customers to save up to a third off their monthly bill.

EVO gives customers control over how they pay for their new smartphone or watch, letting them decide how much they want to pay upfront for their new device, and over what period of time they want to pay the rest of it off – from 12 to 36 months. EVO also includes Vodafone’s Unlimited Data Booster, flexible upgrades, and Trade-in offer – giving customers a guaranteed saving on their new handset in exchange for an eligible smartphone via its Trade-in Tool.

EVO presents a major shift for Vodafone customers – following its launch (for all new and upgrading Vodafone customers) later this month, all consumer devices will then be sold this way.

Other announcements included Vodafone’s commitment to connected 1 million people living in digital poverty by the end of 2021. A campaign backed by Lions, England and Saracens Rugby player, Maro Itoje.


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