Realme GT 2 Pro will be the first Snapdragon 8 gen 1 phone in Europe

The brand new flagship from Realme has a bunch of firsts besides being first with Qualcomm’s new chipset.

You can already find out about the new flagship Realme phone from its Chinese launch earlier in the year, but now I can confirm it is coming to Europe soon – with its official launch event at Mobile World Congress on February 28th.

The Realme GT 2 and GT 2 Pro are the most premium devices the company has ever produced, and the top model features a flagship camera experience with optical image stabilisation and a wealth of other features, such as a ultra-wide angle camera with 150-degree Field of View.

The rear cover of the phone is also made of a unique bio-polymer material, while there are many technological advances inside the phone – like the first Ultra Wide Band HyperSmart Antenna Switching, Wi-Fi enhancer and 360-degree NFC.

The pricing, colour availability and exact memory and storage configurations will be announced at the launch event.

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