Pebble Watch – Steel edition

Pebble Watch - Steel version

Pebble – now in steel!

Due to be announced today at CES 2014. The photo above was apparently taken from a post on the new tech site re/code, which accidentally posted its ‘first look‘ story a bit early.

Perhaps the link will work later, so keep trying.

As a Pebble user, I have to say that this looks awesome – although it would be hard to justify paying the extra to swap if it’s true that the hardware is identical.

Expect many more Smart Watch announcements throughout CES, but – personally – I prefer the simplicity of Pebble over devices that try and act as mini-smartphones in their own right. Give me something that relays information to me quickly and efficiently, and I’ll just use my phone as normal when required.

Update: The Pebble Steel edition has been confirmed and is available shortly for US$249. Quite a premium, but it looks fantastic. Once again, I must stress that if I hadn’t already got my Pebble, I’d buy this over the current model every time.


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