Three UK 4G testing updates (speed tests)

As long as I’ve got my 4G enabled SIM, I’ll continue to do testing as I move around London day and night.

Rather than write a new post every single time, I’ll simply update this post and bump it up. That way my followers won’t be bombarded with emails about new posts that could become rather tiresome after a while.

I must also give thanks to the individual on YouTube that informed me that Ookla has released an official app – so from now on any tests using a Windows Phone will at least use the same servers. Not that this can prevent the phone from dropping down to 3G, 2G or even no-G!

Coverage update

Three has recently updated its coverage checker, showing a number of new towns and cities receiving 4G service – albeit in a rather limited fashion so far.

Locations include Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Blackpool, Huddersfield, Nottingham, Derby, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Luton, Bristol, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Southampton, and Southend-on-Sea.

Warren Street Station

23 January 2014, 1640

2014-01-23 16.38.11

Three: 58ms, 22.66Mbps/21.85Mbps

Near BT Tower

23 January 2014, 1600

2014-01-23 15.55.58

Three: 59ms, 24.35Mbps/9.72Mbps

Hammersmith (Novatel West Hotel, indoors)

23 January 2014, 1245

Three 4G
Three 4G (via PC with tethering) – 51ms, 67.07Mbps down, 22.99Mbps up
Three 4G
Three 4G (via PC with tethering) – 46ms, 64.04Mbps down, 21.91Mbps up
EE 4G (via PC with tethering) – 45ms, 18.88Mbps down,11.63Mbps up

Hammersmith (Novatel West Hotel, indoors)

22 January 2014, 1615

Hammersmith Hammersmith Hammersmith

Three: 34ms, 48.88Mbps/0.43Mbps (Yes, that’s right – fastest download speed to date, slowest upload speed!)
Three: 47ms, 46.38Mbps/0.42Mbps
Three: 47ms, 26.90Mbps/0.45Mbps

Hammersmith HammersmithThree: 31ms, 21.47Mbps/20.25Mbps (via USB tethering)
Three: 49ms, 13.91Mbps/22.25Mbps


22 January 2014, 1130

Left to right: O2 4G & Three 4G
Left to right: O2 4G & Three 4G

O2: 81ms, 9.46Mbps/12.71Mbps
Three: 41ms, 23.22Mbps/18.88 Mbps

Blackfriars/Tate Modern

21 January 2014, 2100

2014-01-21 20.53.21

2014-01-21 20.59.19 2014-01-21 20.58.31

Three: 54ms, 29.68Mbps/15.81Mbps
Three: 57ms, 24.04Mbps/22.46Mbps

Finsbury Park

21 January 2014, 0830

2014-01-21 08.28.53Three: 50ms, 13.52Mbps/18.04Mbps

7 thoughts on “Three UK 4G testing updates (speed tests)

  1. I am frustrated with Three because in central London (Liverpool street) I get pathetic speeds of 4kb/sec and up to 20kbytes/sec if I am lucky. However if I downgrade my network to H+ then it immediately speeds up to 200kb/sec up to even 750kb/sec.
    How come 3G is 400 times faster than 4G? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  2. I found Three to be increasingly aggressive with there traffic shaping, to the point I was thinking of leaving them. But three 4G seems to be working fine just like being on WiFi, it that good, so if happy again. Looks like Three are rolling out 4g in towns and city’s with congestion problems first.

  3. Reblogged this on The LTE World Series Blog and commented:
    From a slow start on 4G in the UK, London now has four 4G networks to choose from. As this blog demonstrates, Three’s 4G network in London is now up and running, hitting amazing speeds of up to 67Mbps in places. Of course, there will be very few people making use of Three’s 4G network right now so those speeds will likely come down as the network starts to get loaded, but it’s still an impressive start, especially as Three is not charging its subscribers any premium for 4G data at all.


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