Time for a coverage map update, as Three continues its 4G roll out to new areas

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It seems that Three is in great need of updating its 4G coverage map, as more and more places are activated without notice.

I haven’t even had my personalised video from the CEO yet, but tonight I noticed that 4G has come to my home town, Hatfield in Hertfordshire!

Ironically, it would appear that the site which has been upgraded is on the other side of town, so the signal is quite weak and the speed test slower than on 3G, but perhaps Three wasn’t given easy access to EE’s HQ, which is only around 500 metres from my house!

3G vs 4G speedtest
Excitement turns to disappointment: 3G outperforming 4G

Stevenage recently got 4G, and earlier today I was told St Albans has also been switched on.

Over the coming days, I’ll venture out to look if other places have been done in the locality too, such as Welwyn Garden City and Hertford. However, the best solution is for Three to keep updating its map regularly, just as it did at the start of the year.

Hatfield Speedtests on 3
Update: Later on, I managed some more impressive results – phew!

There’s perhaps a downside though, which might be why the maps aren’t being updated so quickly. Many places being activated are not covered in their entirety.

A look at the current coverage map shows this only too well in many towns, and it seems to be a trend that has continued for the most recently activated areas too.

This does mean that for the time being, 4G coverage is still rather patchy in comparison to the other networks.

But it’s only April, so there should still plenty of time for Three to fill in the gaps.

  • Have you discovered 4G in your town without any notification? Let me know in the comments so we can collectively build up a better idea of how far Three is progressing with its 4G delivery. If you can also say how good the coverage is, all the better.