EE revamps 4G PAYG offering, including £1 a week 4G packages

It’s nice to see that prepay users are now being offered the chance to enjoy 4G (Vodafone recently allowing its own prepay users 4G access), and having been first to offer superfast speeds to pay as you go users, EE has now made some further tweaks this morning.

With immediate effect, EE is introducing a range of add-on packages that promise to offer more flexibility and value, although as with a lot of EE deals, it might also serve to make things unnecessarily confusing with so many different options.

The new pricing includes a series of packs for data only, talk and text, or ‘everything’ packs that adds voice minutes, texts and data – although for some reason, the data pack includes some texts and voice minutes, and the talk and text packs include 10MB of data (mind you, 10MB of data on a 4G network could be considered the same as no data at all).

Prices start at £1 for a week for a pack that gives 100MB of data, 10 minutes of calls and 10 texts, or 25 minutes of calls and 50 texts (plus 10MB of data). The other packs last for up to 30 days.

EE PAYG Pricing table
EE PAYG pricing guide: Click to enlarge

It is important to note that once you add a pack, they’ll automatically renew until you run out of credit (or cancel it). At the time of writing, it wasn’t clear how exactly you cancel a pack, which can be added via the EE website/app, or texting a shortcode.

Customers that do keep renewing a pack will also benefit from some ‘free’ bonuses after a three month period, such as more data, calls or texts. EE also gives everyone access to its other promotions, like EE Wednesdays for two-for-one cinema tickets.

The £15/£25 Everything Packs are currently the only packs that offer access to EE’s double speed 4G service.

Network price comparison table
EE PAYG comparisons with other networks: Click to enlarge

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