Not long to go until all the new Xperia devices are announced, along with a new QX range of attachable camera lenses, and new wearables are unveiled.

But, for now, here are some official press photos that were obtained by ahead of the press event that can be watched here.

And, don’t forget, Samsung will also be launching the long-awaited Note 4 that seems set to be the talk of the show, although clearly Sony has some incredible new products too.


Written by Jonathan Morris

Writing about technology, with a focus on mobile, since the early 1990s! Former editor of What Mobile magazine, writer for The Telegraph, Stuff, Know Your Mobile, Pocket Gamer, Smart TV Radar and more. Regular Tweeter, occasional YouTuber, keen amateur photographer and forum moderator. If you like what I write, please consider deactivating your ad blocker or making a donation via PayPal to help fund this site.

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