LG teasing continues; G4 to come with latest UX 4.0 user interface

Following the teaser video that shows off the LG G4’s new camera, the company has now given more information about the updated user interface – LG’s UX 4.0.

It stands to reason that LG is going to brag about how much more simple and intuitive the latest incarnation of the UI will be, but UX 4.0 also introduces new features, continuing the trend of adding new features for every update.

No doubt there will be some additional surprises to come when LG unveils the new G4 around the world on April 28th.

Whereas previous updates introduced features like KnockON and KnockCode, followed by Gesture Shot on the LG G3, UX 4.0 introduces a number of new features, such as manual camera modes, and Quick Shot.

Quick shot allows users to instantly fire up the camera to take a shot with a double tap of the rear button, even when the phone is in standby.

Three camera modes are now available too: Simple, basic, and manual. The latter offering full control to individual settings. It’s not clear if LG might also support RAW mode, as offered on Google Nexus devices such as the LG-made Nexus 5.

Other improvements include:

  • Changes to the calendar, including drag and drop management of appointments, and better management of events posted on social media accounts.
  • Improved notifications that will give you even more relevant alerts, learning as you go.
  • Event specific albums in the gallery based on location and time.
  • Ringtone ID; composes a unique ringtone for every caller in favourites.

No doubt in the coming days, we’ll be hearing more about new features on the G4 – a handset likely to be powered by a Snapdragon 808 SoC, with a curved back, and 5.5-inch QHD display


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