Long exposure Super Night Mode photo

Huawei P8: Low-light camera photographs

Having only just got my P8 today and started the long process to set it up with all my apps and widgets, my ‘first impressions’ review will take a couple of days, but I decided it might be an idea to play with the camera early on to get some early opinions. I’ll do more tomorrow when it’s light and hopefully sunny.

Huawei was really bigging up the camera today, with its four colour 13-megapixel image sensor, ‘DSLR-style’ image processing and a load of other buzzwords and features that dominated the launch event in London today. That includes four gimmicky modes like ‘Star Track’ and ‘Light Graffiti’ that you’ll probably never use more than once.

While I might give those modes a try, I’ll be concentrating on testing the camera out normally in the days ahead. However, I decided to post a few shots straight away for the impatient amongst you! These weren’t well prepared photos, rather impulse shots that are perhaps the best types of photo for testing any camera.

The Huawei P8 goes on sale shortly, featuring an octo-core processor, 5.2-inch display, LTE Cat 6 (300/50) and a raft of other clever features that I’ll talk a bit more about soon.

5 thoughts on “Huawei P8: Low-light camera photographs

  1. Hi. Nice photos.

    The main problem that I am facing is when I am taking inside the house photos when a person is moving. For example a face is blurred when someone is moving his head. Is that happening to p8 or the picture is crystal clear ?


    1. Yes, if there’s movement in low light you do get blurring. I don’t think the ISO goes that high on the phone (looking at the manual settings, it seems to only be ISO1600) and there’s no sport mode.

      I would probably use the burst mode, or best shot, to get multiple shots in quick succession and pick one that is hopefully not too blurred.


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