Come on Jackson - make it so data abroad doesn't suck!

Three starts a revolution to end everything that sucks in mobile

Three’s latest TV advertising campaign kicks off tonight (Friday June 5th) with an ad-slot during Big Brother on Channel Five, but if you can’t wait then you’re in luck because we can reveal the ad right here.

Following on from moonwalking Shetland ponies and singing kitties, Three is starting a revolution – led by a purple fuzzy puppet by the name of Jackson, who aims to stop everything that sucks in the mobile phone industry and ‘make it right’.

If there’s ever a way of reliably predicting when a new phrase will start trending on social media (#MakeItRight) this is it.

The advert features music from East 17, and reveals how Three is giving customers a better deal, with things like Feel at Home, unlimited data that reduces bill shock, no extra charge for using 4G, free access to 0800 numbers before Ofcom forced everyone to do it, and more.

Jackson is the creation of the famous Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of him in the near future. I for one hope Three is planning to sell Jackson puppets to the world.

¡Viva la Revolución!

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Official Press Release


– Three unveils new TV campaign starring purple puppet –

The latest campaign from Three will launch on Friday 5th June, introducing a new loveable character, called Jackson, to TV screens for the very first time.

The new ad, which is set to East 17’s nineties hit, ‘It’s Alright’, stars Jackson, a purple puppet created by the world famous Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, renowned for inventing The Muppets.

Dejected, beaten down and damp, Jackson cuts a sorry figure in the big dark city as the story unfolds. But as he reaches his lowest ebb, Jackson remembers an old family mantra, and is suddenly transformed. Galvanised into action, he then spreads the song’s reassuring message to characters in all sorts of sticky situations.

Just like Jackson, Three is leading a movement for positive change The network is rallying the British public to take a stand and unite against network gripes – from high roaming costs to charging a premium for 4G. When stuff sucks, Three is pledging to #makeitright.

Dave Dyson, CEO at Three, commented: “We want to entertain people with this advert, but also want to introduce a more serious message with the #MakeItRight campaign. Jackson might be a loveable puppet – but he was once downtrodden and treated unfairly – just like many mobile customers. At Three our purpose is to change that. We’re taking a stand to #MakeItRight by not charging our customers to use their phones abroad in even more destinations, for example”.

The advert follows Jackson’s emotion-filled journey as he transforms from downtrodden puppet to that of revolutionary leader, raising his triumphant fist as a symbol to show anything is possible.

Jason Weber, Creative Supervisor of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop said: “Three came to us with a fun idea to create a puppet character that can express the way we all feel when things don’t go our way and then the exact opposite – the sheer exhilaration of believing anything is possible.  Puppets are at their best when they emote familiar feelings or ideas that anyone can relate to and Jackson is definitely someone we can all connect with.”

The 90 second ad campaign launches on Friday 5th June during Big Brother on Channel 5, with further scheduling throughout the weekend, including spots during 8 Out Of Ten Cats, Alan Carr Chatty Man and Emmerdale.

Last year Three’s 2014 viral advert #SingItKitty became a global hit, with more than 6 million hits on YouTube. The advert featured Starship’s power anthem, ‘We Built This City’, and turned a shared moment between a young girl and her adorably cute pet kitten into an epic journey that saw the duo belt out a powerful rendition of the song, whilst tearing up the cul-de-sac on a pink tricycle.

When stuff sucks, #MakeItRight

It sucks having no signal and not being able to make a call or roam the internet when you’re out and about. Three has been rated the most reliable network in the UK by YouGov for calls, texts and data and is continuing to improve its network in 2015.

Having to pay huge roaming fees to share photos of your hot dog legs on holiday sucks. On Three you can use your phone abroad at no extra cost to call and text back home and use your data in even more destinations, including the USA, Australia, France, Italy and now Spain.

Paying extra for 4G sucks. Three believes you should get fast Internet without having to pay extra. That’s why 4G comes as standard on all of Three’s plans.

Being charged to make 0800 calls sucks, they are calls you have to make, not calls you want to make. That’s why Three was the first network to make all 0800 calls free on its new 24 month contract plans.

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