EE is back with yet another free 100GB SIM promotion

No sooner has the Glastonbury themed promotion ended, but EE launches a new one. This time to celebrate Summer.

Like the earlier promo, you’ll need to order a new SIM and chuck at least £10 on the account when you receive it, followed by sending a text to 150 (this time the code is ‘SUMMER100’).

It’s all very simple, and lands you with 100GB of free data for two months (so a total of 200GB) that can be used however you like. It supports double speed access, and you can even tether with it.

I really cannot for the life of me work out where EE is going with all these promotions. On the one hand it tries to restrict data usage on its ordinary tariffs to pretty small levels for such an advanced 4G network offering tremendous speed, but then goes and offers these SIM cards with talk of enjoying streaming, photo sharing and so on.

All things that consume a LOT of data.

When the promotion ends, do people suddenly stop wanting to enjoy all of these services with almost total freedom? It’s unlikely many people will consume the whole 100GB, but most will consume a lot more than is currently offered on a normal tariff.

Clearly there’s a demand for more data, so why isn’t EE just coming up with 25, 50 and 100GB tariffs and pricing them at a reasonable level – so as to actually make some money from people who want more data? Otherwise, when the promotion ends, the data usage ends with it. It’s simply not feasible to buy add-ons or top-ups to cover the normal cost of consuming 100GB.

How many people will be paying just £10 over the two months and then binning the SIM card? EE must know the answer to this, but won’t be telling for obvious commercial reasons. But as the promotions keep coming, and getting extended (as this one might too), perhaps I’m way off base and they result in loads of new revenue from new customers.

But I still think EE is mad. Just as mad as you’d be for not taking advantage of the promotion before it ends on August 31st.


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