Now I’ve seen the Note 5, Samsung MUST bring this phone to Europe

Samsung has given very good reasons for not bringing the Galaxy Note 5 to the UK (or Europe as a whole) and I went along with it until I got a chance to see it in the flesh at IFA in Berlin today.

I’ve now decided that this phone has to come to the UK. So what if not everyone wants to use the stylus, or some people can’t even figure out the correct way to put it back in the phone.

The S-Pen may not be used by many people, but when it is there’s nothing that can beat it


The phone is gorgeous and the S-Pen the best version I’ve ever used, and given how many Note devices there have been, that’s saying something!

Sure, the Galaxy S6 edge plus looks nice and will get the most attention from others, but the Note 5 is the phone you’d wish you’d bought a few weeks in to your 24 month contract with a phone that has cool edges but for little appreciable benefit or purpose.

Clove recently topped 10,000 signatures on its petition to get Samsung to reconsider, and I can only hope that Samsung will capitulate before the end of the year as it would be a shame to have to wait until 2016 to get a chance to buy and own this phone.



One thought on “Now I’ve seen the Note 5, Samsung MUST bring this phone to Europe

  1. In October we will hopefully see the new Lumia 950 XL instead and is it even little like the Surface when it comes to the pen, then we don’t have to bother with Samsung anymore 🙂


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