Rejoice! EE brings back its 200GB promotional SIM card for Christmas

I don’t know why EE keeps offering them, but who is going to complain? No sooner are the last of the Summer SIMs with their 200GB of free data (subject to a single £10 top-up) starting to expire, than a new promotion has started.

And the deal is the same as before. For anyone who hasn’t heard about the promotion, one single £10 top-up followed by the sending of a text shortcode will get you 200GB of free data spread over two months.

At the end, you either keep topping up and using the card as a standard prepay SIM, or chuck it in the bin and move on (possibly to the next promotional SIM).

It has now been about a year since EE started offering these promo SIMs, and in all that time the network has come no closer to offering prepay users (or even pay monthly users) anything comparable that you can actually pay for.

This is why I am at a loss as to what EE gets from giving away such huge amounts of data, when there’s no 100GB tariff you can sign up to after getting a feel for such high-speed data on EE’s network.

This time around there’s a limit of one SIM per person, but a maximum of two per household. The SIM(s) must be ordered by the end of December, which means that if you get your full ‘allowance’ you could be enjoying 400GB of data through to the end of February or even into March.

4 thoughts on “Rejoice! EE brings back its 200GB promotional SIM card for Christmas

  1. I seem to be getting free “Christmas Data” renewed every month for a whole year! What the hell’s going on? I am payg.

  2. The reason for these SIMs is clear is clear if you consider the psychology of it:

    – Network has massive amounts of spare capacity so offering this deal to customers is effectively at no cost to EE.
    – Get people used used to using more data than is on offer on any of their standard deals for a a couple of months.
    – Once established, humans find habits hard to break
    – A proportion of the people who signed up for this will continue to use large amounts of data after the two months except now they will burn through their credit much faster, perhaps even promoting them to switch to a contract, so profits go up.
    – Many customers will use the deal and switch away after 2 months but that’s no problem for EE, they’ve the capacity to spare and they might get them next time, that’s why they keep offering the deal as a one time thing and not a standard tariff option.


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