BlackBerry Priv now up for pre-order, along with a huge range of accessories

Recently I spoke about how excited I was about the forthcoming Android-powered BlackBerry PrivWell today you can pre-order for a unit, which will begin shipping on November 9th, with the price set at £559 including shipping.

But, continuing a long tradition, and perhaps showing why some other phone manufacturers can’t quite come up with the goods when it matters, a comprehensive range of accessories accompany the new smartphone too.

Screenshot 2015-10-23 23.18.56 Screenshot 2015-10-23 23.19.02 Screenshot 2015-10-23 23.19.15 Screenshot 2015-10-23 23.19.26 Screenshot 2015-10-23 23.19.31

These include docks, HDMI adapters, plenty of chargers for travelling abroad, a number of different cases and covers, and even a stylus (although it seems to be of the cheap spongey type that has no significant precision).

Want to get in on the action with the most exciting BlackBerry release in years? Well, get along to the BlackBerry site and have a look around.


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