Join the Collaborative Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Photo Gallery

As I go around taking photos and video with the new Huawei P9 (you can see my first impressions and some sample photos here), I decided to create a Google Photos gallery and open it up to everyone.

P9 - Silver
Huawei P9 (Silver)

I know a lot of people got a review device at the launch event, and once the phone goes on sale to the public this could grow into something big.

It all depends on how many people take part, so the ball is now firmly in your court.

I’ve already added some photos and will continue to add to the gallery in the coming days and weeks.

Just remember that it’s only for photos (and video) taken on the Huawei P9, or the Huawei P9 Plus! Don’t think people won’t notice!!

The Google Photos Album


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