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IFA 2016: I’m on my way to the event, so keep a look out for regular coverage

It’s that time of year again, and as ever, I’m off to Berlin to see the latest in mobile technology at IFA, one of the biggest consumer electronics shows outside of Las Vegas.

In addition, I’ll be checking out new TVs, car tech, VR, IoT, and also be on the hunt for something to beat last year’s Samsung washing machine with a door to add socks mid-wash! (Not that I’ve yet bought one).

My visit is short and sweet – I’m back Thursday night – so I’ll be there for the two press days only, running around the sweltering hot halls when not at a press conference on the other side of the city…

As a result, most of my ‘coverage’ will be on Twitter and YouTube, with follow-up articles here in the days ahead. So please follow me and look out for the news, some irreverent comment, and hopefully the odd funny photo or video.

Following my recent post about buying a Chromebook to cover the event, that’s exactly what I’m doing. It means travelling with hand luggage only, with a carry-on bag consisting of:

  • Change of clothes and toiletries
  • Chromebook and charger (which can stay in the hotel given the promise of 10+ hour battery life)
  • A Nexus 6P with mini tripod to capture video, take photos and provide access to 20GB of 4G data on Vodafone.
  • My Huawei P9, on EE, for mobile payments and calls.
  • The new Honor 8, on Three, for taking photos to add to an upcoming gallery that will be opened up for other owners to contribute to (just like my P9 Gallery).
  • A 5-port USB charger and 21,000mAh portable battery pack for charging the above phones on the go.
  • Various invites and paperwork printed out because, well, technology can still go wrong!

Please do ask me questions throughout the event if you’d like me to check something out in particular. And if you’re at IFA and would like to meet up, give me a shout as I’m sure I’ll have a few minutes spare here and there!


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