Huawei P10: More photos around Barcelona during MWC 2017 (pt 2)

Spending all day at MWC didn’t give me as much time as I would have hoped to go out and take photos with the Huawei P10, but come late afternoon I got a chance, as the sun was starting to set for the night.

MWC 2017 LogoHere are those results, including some examples of the lossless 2x zoom feature (the phone itself can do 10x zoom, but that’s just a silly gimmick as the photos lose all detail and you also need a very steady hand or tripod).

As ever, please share your thoughts below and continue to ask questions about the phone.

  • Like for the Huawei P9, I have created a new Google Photos open gallery. If you have a P10, please do join and add to the collective album for all to enjoy. Some photos may be picked for a future gallery here (with full credit).

Huawei P10 Gallery – Afternoon/Early Evening in Barcelona

  • Coverage of MWC was made easier thanks to Vodafone, who challenged me to use 4G data exclusively throughout my time in Barcelona and provided me with a SIM card for use in a portable hotspot.


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