Huawei P20 Pro Photo Gallery: Part Two (Two Cities, Day and Night)

Photo credit: Matteo Mario Doni
My wandering around Scotland. Photo: Matteo Mario Doni

In my second Huawei P20 Pro gallery (see the first one here) I took a day trip to Edinburgh to play around with the camera in colour and monochrome modes, as well as putting the 3x and 5x zoom modes to good use.

It’s a lot easier to zoom in than walk up loads of steps!

Upon my return to London, I couldn’t just call it a night so decided to take a quick wander around the River Thames for some opportunities to test out the night-mode capabilities.

Possibly the best aspect of the new P20 Pro camera is the AI assisted stabilisation, which allowed me to take long exposures (four to six seconds a go) with the phone merely held in my hand. No tripod, no resting on street furniture and no holding my breath to minimise movement; just taking the phone from my pocket, pointing in the right direction and shooting.

I cannot think of any other phone that can come anywhere close to taking such good photos in near darkness as the P20 Pro. The Google Pixel phones come close, but not close enough in my opinion, but the Pixel phones lack the ability to take crisp monochrome photos, or the close-ups that are possible thanks to the separate telephoto lens. 

Once again, please look at these photos and make up your own mind.

  • You can see all these photos on Google Photos, along with many more from other contributors. This gallery is expanding all the time – and will be the first place to see new photos as and when I add them.

Edinburgh – By Day

London – By Night


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