O2 switches on its 5G network in London and five other locations; 20 locations by end of 2019

O2 has today switched on its 5G network in London, Leeds, Slough, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, with more cities being covered before the end of the year.

O2 recently launched 5G handsets in store and online, as well as joining the Unlimited Data club.

Press Release

17 October 2019: O2 today launches its 5G network with a range of new tariffs, including an unlimited data option, at the same price as its 4G equivalents. From today, customers can access 5G through O2’s revolutionary custom plans, giving them the flexibility to take advantage of 5G on their terms. O2 has also released an exclusive partnership tariff with Oculus from Facebook and MelodyVR, the destination for music in virtual reality, giving customers exclusive VR music experiences.

O2’s 5G network is launching in six locations across the UK: Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds, improving capacity and reliability in key places. The network will initially switch on where it’s needed most, including busy footfall areas around London Waterloo and King’s Cross; Haymarket in Edinburgh; Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds; and Belfast South city centre; or in busy match-day hotspots around Twickenham or the Emirates Stadium.

The network will be live in a total of 20 towns and cities by the end of the year, and 50 by summer 2020.

Mark Evans, CEO, Telefónica UK, said: “Today is a significant moment for our customers and our business as we switch on the O2 5G network. We’re launching with a range of tariffs that make it easy and fair for customers to access 5G, with flexible plans that cost no more than 4G. We’re also switching on 5G in important parts of towns and cities first, places where it will benefit customers and businesses most.

“I believe 5G is going to revolutionise the way people and businesses use mobile connectivity, unlocking huge possibilities for our economy and society. No one in the country has all the answers today, but I’m excited about getting it into the hands of our customers and working with leading partners to help shape the future of 5G for the next generation.”

Matt Warman, Digital Minister, said: “We want the UK to be a global leader in 5G and for the majority of the population to have access to a 5G signal by 2027. This investment by O2 is a great step forward in rolling out the technology across our home nations, providing world-class infrastructure to help us grow our economy and compete strongly.”

O2 5G is live in areas of Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Slough.

By the end of 2019 we’re planning to bring our 5G network to areas of the following 20 towns and cities:

Belfast, Coventry, Leeds, Nottingham, Blackpool, Derby, Leicester, Reading,
Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Lisburn, Slough,
Bristol, Eton, London, Stoke,
Cardiff, Guildford, Norwich, and Windsor.

O2 press office


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