Oppo Reno 2 Camera Samples: Part One

For under £450 the Reno 2 may not be looked upon as a serious competitor to flagship smartphones, but in my time so far with the phone I’ve been amazed at the quality of the photos, especially at night.

If you believe you have to spend up to, or beyond, £1000 for a phone to get a great photographic ability, you are well and truly mistaken.

There’s still a lot more testing to do, but I have posted below some of photos I’ve added to my now customary Google Photos open gallery (that anyone else with a Reno 2 can contribute to).

I have a strong feeling that this phone is going to prove itself to be a fantastic alternative to many phones on the market costing considerably more.

For one, here’s a phone that has 256GB storage, a 6.55-inch display with no notch, a 4,000mAh battery and four cameras. Compare that to an iPhone 11 Pro Max that will cost you £1299 with 256GB of storage.

You may laugh and think such a comparison is ridiculous, but besides the lower specification SoC, there’s possibly not going to be as much of a difference as you think.

Given you could buy almost three Reno 2’s for one single iPhone, it does beg the question just how much do you get for an extra £850…

My full Oppo Reno 2 review is coming soon.

View the Reno 2 Google Photos album

Now on to the photos, taken indoors, outdoors, and at night.

Indoor Photos

Indoor Photos with Zoom

Outdoor Photos

Night Photos

Photos with Zoom (Wide, 1x, 2x & 5x)


One thought on “Oppo Reno 2 Camera Samples: Part One

  1. Very impressive, over the many years of following your appraisals I value your opinion.


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