Honor unveils Honor MagicWatch 2 limited editions at London event

Honor’s recently launched MagicWatch 2 has gained a few limited editions, celebrating various upcoming art collections.

At an event held in London, various designers and artists showed off their exclusive creations, comprising custom watch faces and accompanying strap.

Details on pricing and availability wasn’t announced, but you can expect them to be restricted to small numbers to maintain exclusivity.

The event was part of Honor’s campaign ‘technology meets art’, and to talk more about the firm taking a new direction where it will launch more smart, connected (IoT), products this year to work with its smartphone devices (and those from other manufacturers).

You can see the designs below, and if you’re more interested in the regular MagicWatch 2 you’ll be able to get more information from Honor’s website.

More watch faces to come

Honor also announced it will soon release 85 brand new watch faces for the MagicWatch 2 starting from February, selected from over 1,400 submitted in a global design contest.

‘The Palm Tree’ by George Greaves

The regular 46mm MagicWatch 2 retails for £160, while the smaller 42mm version will set you back £150.

Regular MagicWatch 2 in Agate Black colour


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